Conservation Treatment goto

Over 40 years of experience examining, treating, analyzing and preserving artworks and historic artifacts.  From years of professional conservation, science and art historical education to decades of experience working at major cultural institutions, each treatment is undertaken with the same care and attention to detail whether it is a personal treasure, historic artifact or an artwork of great value.

  • Works on paper including prints, drawings, watercolors and pastels
  • Parchment documents and artifacts
  • Oriental screens and scrolls (treated using the western style of damage repair)
  • Archival materials including documents, maps and rolled artifacts
  • Photographic prints of all types, film & glass plate negatives, cased images and photo composites


Digital Facsimile from Original Artworks goto

High-stability digital facsimiles are created to exacting standards to match the original in a side-by-side comparison. The reproduction will match the original.

  • High light-stability inks from Epson
  • High longevity papers from Epson and other quality suppliers
  • Minimum of 75-years on display at normal room illumination with just noticeable color difference


Historic Still Film Migration to Digital goto
  • Historic still film is problematic because of deterioration issues such as curl, yellowing and silvering-out
  • Black & white film and glass plate negatives are scanned at their native resolution
  • For film use a benign fluid mount at 16-bit depth and a resolution at least 3-times original bandwidth
  • Using an internal standard the digital master is as close to the original density using the Kodak 1A Step wedge


Preservation Consulting goto

  • Condition, storage and treatment of artworks and historic artifacts
  • Cold Storage of film and A/V materials, using walk-in cold vaults or stand-alone upright freezers
  • Environmental Surveys of storage and display spaces
  • Wireless environmental monitoring systems for day-to-day use and grant submissions
  • Digital Imaging recommendations on techniques and equipment needed for specific tasks and projects
  • Electronic Media preservation and storage; see the VideoPreservation Website.


Collection Surveys goto

  • Thirty years of experience surveying museums, libraries, archives, historic houses and private collections

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